Inambú feathers

The Inambú (Nothura maculosa) feathers are very adequate for soft hackle flies, I like to use those covering wing ones, they are good for small size flies.
Spanish colonizers named “partridge” to these birds because were pretty similar to european partridges.
Even to this day, in Argentina the Inambúes are known as “perdiz chica” (small partridge), but the truth is that this is a local species and the original name derived from the native Guarani language.
I want to mention that inhabits much of our territory and hunting is allowed within the season.
Here a couple of photos and illustration:

[(c) Jorge Rodríguez Mata. Inambú chico común (Spotted Nothura).

Adulto, 26cm. Dibujo. Fuente: “Nueva Guía de las Aves Argentinas. M. Canevari et al. 1991. Fundación Acindar.”]




4 pensamientos en “Inambú feathers

  1. Hunberto; Real nice post. Enjoyed the story about the Inambu along with the water color or colored pencil depiction (drawing) of the bird, the photograph of the actual feathers and the sparse soft hackle using them. Every fly has a story behind it!
    I’ll look up the Guarani people. Enjoy the new trout season.

  2. Bob, im glad for your comment. For me fly fishing involves many cultural aspects in addition to mere act of catch a fish with a fly. Knowledge about natural species provide us a better aplication of our skills as fly fishermen/fly tyers.
    The Guaraní people were great fishermen!

  3. I just found your site and I very much like it. I both tie and fish many soft hackles. They have a great elegance and the trout think so too. That is a beautiful feather. Would you be willing to make a trade for some of the feathers for some other material you may be interested in? I have been tying and fishing for almost 50 years and have a treasure trove of older material that suits many tyers of soft hackles.


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