Baetis nymphs

Here, three of my “all purpose” nymphs for brookies.
I created them to mimic those baetis nymphs living in the bottoms of small streams of “Pampa de Achala”.
For these kind of flies, I lean towards one of the nymph tying methods of G. E. M. Skues.
To make them, I used a hand vise that my father made for me many years ago; a very difficult way for tying flies but that gives me more satisfaction.

Hook: Mustad 3906 B #14
Thread: 6/0
Tail: Bunch of partridge feather fibers
Rib: Tying thread
Abdomen: Wool Yarn
Thorax: Fur Dubbing mixed with cristal flash fibers
Wing case: Partridge feather (cemented)

Note: The colors of all the materials match the natural ones

4 pensamientos en “Baetis nymphs

  1. Humberto: You always tie great looking flies. The nymphs look great. You tied them with a hand vice made by your father! How unique/special that is! In one of your future posts you need to take a picture of that vice so we can see it.


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