Two minnows

I tied these two delicate streamers inspired in a imitation of “Puyén chico” (Galaxias maculatus) created by Marcelo Morales.
Marcelo is, from my perspective, the more complete angler in Argentina (as well as known internationally too). He is, in addition, a very gentle, polite and generous person. I learned very very much from him and, off course, i’m very grateful.
The Puyén is a small native patagonian fish and part of the salmonids diet in that region of southern Argentina.
Here in Sierras de Córdoba (central Argentina) we have not Puyén but we have some others small native fishes to imitate and try to fool our local brookies and rainbows.
So I modified only a few materials and specially the size using hooks # 12 which, for me are appropriate in this type of flies for our small streams.
I also avoided the use of eyes in these mini streamers but Marcelo prefers to place them in their bigger imitations.
I hope you like them.

First recipe
Hook : in this case i used Rise 700 in #12 but you could use the streamer hook of your preference.
Body: natural color fly tying silk
Rib: silver wire
Throat: few fibers from a goose feather in red color (two or three wraps forming a little collar)
Wing: two dun color hackle feathers (dry fly quality) with a short overwing of sword peacock feathers

Second recipe
Hook: idem first model
Body: dark green fly tying silk
Rib: idem first model
Throat: idem first model
Wing: two dark olive grizzly hackle feathers (dry fly quality) with a short overwing of sword peacock feathers

Last photo
Last Saturday, this good rainbow trout (and nine more) were tempted by my streamers!

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