Opening in the Colgado river

Finally, the season opened and we were once again able to enjoy the richness of the Pampa de Achala streams.
This time different circumstances led us to choose the small river «Colgado», outside the jurisdiction of the National Park «Condorito».
I have previously posted about this particular place a couple of times before.
The fishing was good, the brookies were concentrated in some particular places of the river and in others…, simply were not there.
Horses and cows cross it in many places, blurring the water a bit and causing disturbance, perhaps being one of the causes of this particular distribution.
It also seems to me that small and hidden springs of cooler and oxygenated water may have to do with it.
Like other times, the Colgado offered us his beautiful Fontinalis.
Thanks to Franco and Gerard for their company, they make me a better fly fisherman every time we go out together.
The fly of the day was (for me at least) a little yellow bead head, without a tail and ribbed with fine silver wire.

4 pensamientos en “Opening in the Colgado river

  1. Hermoso dia el que disfrutamos en ese gran espacio tan querido. Hermosas fontis que nos fueron brindadas en un clima como a pedido. Fuerte abrazo y gracias por compartir. Gerardo.

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