Patagonian memories (4) Calfiquitra, Kilka and Pulmari rivers

Three different Patagonian rivers, three different moments and attitudes, but the same passion for fly fishing.
The first photo (from top to bottom) was taken on the banks of the Calfiquitra river, a beautiful relativly small stream surrounded by a landscape that evokes the jurassic period. You are there in the midst of that silent beauty and you would not be surprised to see a Gigantosaurus Carolinii appear with unpredictable intentions!
The second one shows us in the middle of the Kilka river, in a different landscape but also very nice trying to have some catch.
In the third photo I am returning to the water a strong brown of the Pulmarí River, a very interesting place to try with the Salmo trutta fario.
The three mentioned rivers are in the province of Neuquen in northern Patagonia.


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