The Orscherl

The Orscherl is a fly whose creation is attributed to Hans Gebetsroither, the great Austrian fly-casting master.
It is a fly for grayling, but it also has proven efficacy for trout fishing.
This is a fly that works on the surface and seems to mimic a certain species of beetle.
From my point of view and the way it’s designed, I think it can also mimic various kinds of aquatic insects when they reach the surface of the water, so we could say it’s a generic imitation.
It all depends on how you consider making it work and, consequently, how you present it to the fish that you have “in your sights”.
I sat on my fly tying bench and I wanted to share the result.
Here I show you a couple of photos and although here in Argentina we have no grayling, I will offer them (as soon as possible) to our local trout.
Thanks to Hans for giving us his valuable inspiration!

Hook: For dry fly up-eye in size 14 or 12
Thread: Orange (could be red too) 8/0 or 6/0
Tag: With the same tying thread make a small bulge
Tail: Natural red (light brown) hackle fibers dry fly quality
Body: Peacock herl reinforced whit black thread
Collar: Two darker brown hackle feathers dry fly quality



8 pensamientos en “The Orscherl

    • Hi Alan, I haven’t been able to test it yet.
      For reasons that are public knowledge I have not been fishing lately.
      I am more dedicated to fly tying these days.
      I particularly liked this fly and I think it will work very well.
      I’ve tried some classic wet flies that carry a shiny silver or gold tag and it seems to be an interesting additive even if you add it on flies whose original recipe doesn’t mention it.
      Thanks and regards

      • Gracias Humberto por la bienvenida, y gracias por el contenido que compartís en tu blog. Pude hacerme un tiempo para recorrer cada uno de los posts desde el principio (y ponerme al día) ya que conocí tu blog hace poco tiempo a través de “Small Stream Reflections” y la verdad te felicito. Soy un enamorado de los ríos y arroyos pequeños (“small stream” como dicen los americanos), y por su puesto Córdoba es un paraíso para este tipo de pesca. Pero además tengo desde siempre un cierto fanatismo por las moscas tradicionales, especialmente soft hackles, spiders y flymphs, sumado a una creciente fascinación con las “fontis”. Encontré todo eso combinado en tus publicaciones así que agradecido.


      • Sebastian,
        Me alegra saber que puedas encontrar aquì temas de tu interès y que este blog sirva para el encuentro de pescadores con mosca con afinidades.
        Es asì como dices, Còrdoba es un paraìso para desarrollar la pesca con mosca en su escencia.
        Ademas nos da muchas herramientas para cuando abordamos otros ambientes, por ejemplo Patagonia.
        Que bueno tambièn compartir el gusto por las moscas tradicionales.
        Muchas Gracias


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