Patagonian memories (5) Malleo river, Rainbow at twilight


Many years have passed but I still feel my hands wet and the satisfaction of having caught that beautiful rainbow.
I remember that the fly I used on that occasion was a Green and Partridge soft hackle in size 12.
The Malleo river, in the Patagonian province of Neuquèn (Argentina), is one of the favorites for many fly fishermen of my generation.
Unfortunately today this river is in trouble.
I want to share a video with you:

4 pensamientos en “Patagonian memories (5) Malleo river, Rainbow at twilight

  1. Umberto thanks for sharing that photo and memory. The partridge and olive has been a good fly for me and now I see you have a fondness for it to. Enjoyed the videos.

    • Thanks Alan,
      My admiration and interest in these flies (Soft Hackles, Spiders, NCF) were born a long time ago and always renewed.
      Its enormous potential never ceases to amaze me.
      I’m glad you liked the video, its author Pablo Saracco has made a great contribution by uploading it to You Tube so that we can visualize the problem of Malleo.
      An incredible river for its changing beauty and productivity.


  2. Humberto: I was fortunate to fish several beautiful rivers near Esquel, 20 or so years ago. On my way north after Junin I drove the dirt road westward along the Malleo to the border and Chile, then to Santiago for my flight home. When I saw the Malleo it looked like the perfect trout stream; it was perfection. I had run out of time and had no time to fish it. I promised myself I’d return and spend a week fishing different sections of it but never got back. I had asked dozens of anglers over a 4 month period what their favorite walk wade river was and most said the “Malleo” . I remember passing the entrance/gate of the famous Lodge, San Humberto, near its banks…I believe then owned by the Olsens???I wish I had had time to drive in and say hello.
    Anyway, nice to hear you fished it. Watched the video…a story we have all heard and seen over and over….anglers and conservationist need to organize to save the river and watershed…”strength in numbers”…maybe they are; the video is a step. Thanks for sharing.

    • Bob,
      This photo is just of the upper Malleo, in the Tres Picos area a little above San Huberto Lodge (Olsen family).
      On that occasion, I went to spend three days at the house of Lilù Olsen, who at the time was hosting fly fishermen.
      It is a magnificent place of Malleo, the favorite of some purists of dry fly fishing.
      I have had the fortune to go several times to this river, I have fished it above, in its middle part and below, in the area of its union with the Aluminè river.
      You should consider visiting it sometime.
      Be well



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