Three special wet flies

About thirty years ago, an outstanding fly fishing researcher and great instructor, Marcelo Morales, came to Còrdoba to give a demonstration of fly tying.
I was lucky to be part of the organizing group for that event.
At that time I already had some good experience in tying nymphs especially because I fished a lot with these flies but, there was a great interest in me for traditional wet winged flies and I did not know them very well.
I asked Marcelo about them and he not only instructed me in detail on the tying and how to fish them, but he also looked in one of the many boxes of flies that he had brought and gave me three of them, three classics: Peter Ross, March Brown and Professor.
That generous attitude of Marcelo marked my life as a fly tyier and fly fisherman in a very special way and since then I have kept them almost like a treasure.
Here I show you:




5 pensamientos en “Three special wet flies

  1. Lovely creations. I think in many places the winged wet fly has gone out of favor. Anglers who feel differently.
    Humberto your blog photo of the brookie is awesome. What is the fly?

  2. Asì es Sebastian, doy fè.
    Un referente en todo el sentido de la palabra.
    Con respecto a las wets del post, hoy justamente le comentaba a un amigo el perfecto estado en que se encuentran teniendo en cuenta que me las regalò hace treinta años mas o menos.
    Perfectamente atadas con excelentes materiales.
    Bueno, debo decir que muy bien guardadas tambièn!
    Gracias por tu comentario


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