Minimalism and simplicity in fly tying

The simplicity of some traditional flies like Spiders, Soft Hackles, Bivisibles and others is well known.
Inspired by this concept, I have developed some small dry flies: “Ephemeroptera Mìnima”, “Mini Devaux” and “Simple Mini Caddis”.
The last two I just mentioned were successfully tested for two seasons.
They work very well and, as an anecdote, I can tell you that with the “Mini Devaux” in its debut I caught seven brookies in seven tries (7/7), optimum score! and I have witnesses!
I was also very pleased to know that other colleagues have seriously studied and experimented with this topic of simple and minimalist flies.
As an example, I want to mention Alan Petrucci (Small Stream Reflections Blog) who kindly sent me some beautiful photos that I share here and where his great work is evident.
Thank you very much Alan for your contribution, I really appreciate it.
There are also three more photos of my “inventions”, those models that I have mentioned above in this text.
Come and see!

Photo: Alan Petrucci

Photo: Alan Petrucci

Photo: Alan Petrucci

Ephemeroptera Mìnima achalabrookies

Mini Devaux achalabrookies

Simple Mini Caddis achalabrookies

10 pensamientos en “Minimalism and simplicity in fly tying

  1. Muy lindas moscas Humberto! Sutiles y simples, sin dudas deben ser muy efectivas en los desafiantes cursos serranos. Que interesante lo que comentás de la “Mini Devaux”!, un estilo bastante poco difundido en nuestras tierras y que particularmente a me gusta mucho.
    Also very beautiful the flies tied by Alan and nice the pic to the colorful tiny brook.

    • Hola Sebastian, muchas gracias,
      Son muy efectivas de verdad y muy sutiles debido a los poquìsimos materiales empleados en su construcciòn, tambièn desde mi perspectiva, muy estèticas.
      Con respecto a las moscas Devaux, aquì en Achalabrookies podes encontrar una breve reseña acerca de Aimè Devaux, su creador y un post con fotografìas mas detalladas de las “Mini” Devaux.
      Alan’s photos are always great, like his blog!

  2. Humberto thank you for your kind words.
    As fly tyers we seem to make our jobs much harder by trying to create a fly that is usually overdone. When we look at natures way of creating that fly it is always much more simple. Your “Simple Caddis” is a fly I will tie and I’m certain my brookies will approve of it.

  3. Alan
    It is true what you say, many times there is a tendency to exaggerate tying too complex flies.
    Nature is wise and for the same reason some of us are seduced by the idea of developing simple and beautiful models.
    I am sure that “Simple Caddis” will work perfectly in your favorite streams.
    I suggest forming the wing with Gallo de Leon hackle fibers, the difference is remarkable.
    Be well my friend

  4. Bob,
    Thank you very much, they are very effective flies.
    Alan tied and successfully tested the Simple Mini Caddis in a little stream he often frequents, in this case with brown trout.
    I think (almost certainly) this fly could tempt some Canadian trout.
    The wing made with fibers of Gallo de Leòn makes it irresistible!
    What can you tell me about the hatching of caddis in the rivers of your area?


    • Humberto: We have a variety of caddis flies in my region. Some early and late season big ones: Mother’s Day caddis; October caddis. Then all summer smaller ones; some with pale wings; some mottled…..tan body, olive, beige; , rustetc…your mini caddis would be effective just change thread color and wing color on some. Like your flies…

      • Bob,
        Thanks for the information, caddis, terrestrials, mayflies (not necessarily in that order) the three fundamental pillars of dry fly fishing.



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