The soft feathers of my backyard (part two)

I have a special inclination to use natural materials in the making of my flies.
In these modern times when synthetics make our artificials seem more “lures” than flies, it is very interesting for me to pay attention to the loose feathers that I find out there in my backyard and also on the banks of rivers and streams that I visit regularly during the season.
It is very personal, but I feel that somehow I am maintaining a certain tradition in addition to providing added value to my fly tying.
I show you here some more flies in which I have used some of these “treasures”.






4 pensamientos en “The soft feathers of my backyard (part two)

    • Alan,
      I really enjoy tying flies with this type of feathers.
      Luckily we always have a lot to discover and explore in the world of fly fishing.
      I’ve seen your focus on the Tenkara topic and your enthusiasm is inspiring
      Thank you very much.


  1. Humberto: I’ve never been good at tying soft hackles. I need to practice more. They are one of my favorite looking flies and so effective. My favorite photo is of the feathers on the dark wood table. Beautiful composition….nice feather placements. Nice tying as usual. It is good to work with natural materials, especially ones we have found.

  2. Bob,
    Soft hackle flies are very simple in terms of the few materials they carry, but quite complex for a perfectionist.
    I tie and use them in my fishing for many years and they continue to be a challenge for me.
    Especially in the selection of feathers and the precise tying technique.
    Thanks for your comments!



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