Patagonian memories (8) Meliquina river – Recuerdos patagònicos (8) Rìo Meliquina

The Meliquina River in Argentine Patagonia is one of the most picturesque that I know, there I have caught beautiful rainbows and I have contemplated its extraordinary landscapes with delight.
I share here some photos of a trip I did several years ago.
I always hope to return to the Meliquina and offer my flies to their trout one more time.

El río Meliquina en la Patagonia Argentina es uno de los más pintorescos que conozco, allí he pescado hermosas arcoíris y he contemplado con regocijo sus extraordinarios paisajes.
Comparto aquí algunas fotos de un viaje que hice hace varios años.
Siempre espero volver al Meliquina y ofrecer mis moscas a sus truchas una vez mas.

2 pensamientos en “Patagonian memories (8) Meliquina river – Recuerdos patagònicos (8) Rìo Meliquina

  1. Humberto that is a big beautiful river. I would probably feel intimidated fishing it. A healthy rainbow in hand. What types of flies do you use there?

  2. Alan,
    I think that far from intimidated you would feel happy to fish a river like the Meliquina, it is beautiful, believe me.
    Its rainbows are good fighters although it also has good browns.
    There I have used soft hackle flies in sizes 12 and even 10 such as Partridge and Olive (I use it a lot in Patagonia), Partridge and Yellow and Partridge and Orange (I have to recognize the influence of Sylvester Nemes’ books on me).
    I have also used nymphs of the Hare`s Ear type also in 12 and 10.
    I never tried there with dry fly. Maybe next time!


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