Tying season – Temporada de atado

Here are two flies born on my tying bench: An «H Nymph» that came out of my head and a version from my perspective of the «Hendrickson Wet Fly».

Aqui dos moscas nacidas en mi banco de atado: Una «H Nymph» que saliò de mi cabeza y una versiòn desde mi perspectiva de la «Hendrickson Wet Fly».

6 pensamientos en “Tying season – Temporada de atado

  1. Humberto the hendrickson hatch is a favored one here. In the Farmington the trout go crazy when these flies are hatching. The small streams have a slight hatch of them.

    • Alan
      How interesting what you comment, surely you have used imitations for those Hendrickson hatches even in your small streams.
      Here in Argentina we have used a lot of imitations such as the Hendricksons and other classics from the northern hemisphere although we do not have the same species of insects as there.
      This and other traditional models have been adapted very well to tempt our trout which, precisely, are also native to those far away places.
      Fly fishing is much younger here than in the north, so tying flies that mimic our insects to offer them to «local» trout is a trend with relatively few years.
      Conclusion: The classic, traditional and historical fly models are of «universal» application. You can fish with them all over the world.
      As always, very grateful for your contributions.


  2. Bien atadas Humberto y son realmente peligrosas esas dos tipos de moscas…muy activas si, las tengo en mi caja tambien infalables…un abrazo y sigue atando.

    • Muchas gracias Armando!
      Sì, atar moscas durante la veda reglamentaria aparte de ser valioso como arte en si mismo, nos permite seguir de alguna manera en contacto con las truchas!


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