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Patagonian memories (1), Wading and Fly cast in Aluminé river

As a fly fisherman, I have been lucky enough to make several trips to Patagonia and fish some of its most famous rivers.
I want to share with you some photos rescued from one of my old albums.
I will do it slowly and alternating with the usual post.
Here goes the “first delivery”.

Between seasons

Remembering experiences from the last one and making reflections for the next one, I m preparing new tactics, casts and flies…
The time between fly fishing seasons always have a kind of “charme”, isnt it?

Photo gallery of the end of season in Paso de las Piedras

Brookie on nymph

This is one of the last brookies of the season caught by my son Franco.
The photo is from his authorship, the fly is a “Ted´s Stone” nymph well tyed by our friend Gerard Hoferdt.
The pride is mine!

Just one word


“Paso de las Piedras”, a river of dreams

With my friend Abel Wenetz we headed towards one of our favorite places, the Paso de las Piedras river.
On a cold and windy but very bright day, we were able to share a great and pure fly fishing moment.
Plenty of deep angling conversations, memories and…, brookies!

“Sleeping with the enemy”

It is a poor quality photo, I know, but it is just to show a curiosity. I’m almost sure that it happened to you too!
After released, this brookie ran searching for refuge on my feet!
The fish stayed a while there maybe believing that next to my boot was safe, and then slowly went on his way.

Late summer brookies

My son Franco and me went to fish trying to fool the late summer brookies. Was a very interesting day of fine fly fishing. We want to share some photos here.

Bamboo rod maker dream