“Paso de las Piedras”, a river of dreams

With my friend Abel Wenetz we headed towards one of our favorite places, the Paso de las Piedras river.
On a cold and windy but very bright day, we were able to share a great and pure fly fishing moment.
Plenty of deep angling conversations, memories and…, brookies!


“Sleeping with the enemy”

It is a poor quality photo, I know, but it is just to show a curiosity. I’m almost sure that it happened to you too!
After released, this brookie ran searching for refuge on my feet!
The fish stayed a while there maybe believing that next to my boot was safe, and then slowly went on his way.

Late summer brookies

My son Franco and me went to fish trying to fool the late summer brookies. Was a very interesting day of fine fly fishing. We want to share some photos here.

Bamboo rod maker dream

Gustavo Prato

The cane you see in the photo, is one that Gustavo Prato built exquisitely as few have managed to do.
He was a passionate pioneer and “thinker” of fly fishing here in this part of Argentina.
He has not been with us physically since some years but it is clear that his influence still lives on some who knew him.
I was fortunate to share a certain friendship with him and it is always inspiring for me remember him.
Wherever you are, thanks Gustavo! We miss you.

Greetings from achalabrookies

Brookies from Wood River

I want to share these photos of beautiful fontinalis from USA that Paul Pezza sent me. He and I and many other fly fishermen around the world remain captivated by the beauty of these fish. Thanks Paul!

Rainbows on fiberglass

Last friday , my son Franco and me, went to Intiyaco to spend a day of fly fishing.
Was a very productive day, sunny and windy. Very clear waters with active and strong rainbow trouts.
My 7 feet, # 5 weight line Fenwick fiberglass fly rod builded by my late friend Carlos Tam, was a precise election. Enjoyed a lot.
Welcome to the photo gallery!

A new season, brookies everywhere!

Sunny and brilliant day on “Condorito” National Park. The “Achala Creek” showed us brookies everywhere! Some of them very dark coloured, like those captured on deepest pools. They all offered a good fight.
Nymphs on hooks # 16 and # 14 were the best choice.
This stream is becoming more productive and interesting and It seems to me that I will fish here several more times during this season.
Some photos for you:


Opening the 2016/2017 season

Accompanied by my friend Abel Wenetz, an expert in the history of fly fishing, I went fishing once again the river “Los Reartes” in pursuit of its beautiful rainbow trout. Here I show you some pictures of this wonderful day.