Patagonian memories (1), Wading and Fly cast in Aluminé river

As a fly fisherman, I have been lucky enough to make several trips to Patagonia and fish some of its most famous rivers.
I want to share with you some photos rescued from one of my old albums.
I will do it slowly and alternating with the usual post.
Here goes the “first delivery”.

2 pensamientos en “Patagonian memories (1), Wading and Fly cast in Aluminé river

  1. Humberto: I look forward to your ongoing Patagonia post/photos. Always wanted to fish the Alumine and Malleo and the Quillen and….so many rivers in that area. I fished further south: the Futaleufu river/Rio Grande from Argentina border into Chile, and nearby Espolon (Chile) many, many yrs ago. Made my way into Argentina and fished beautiful Riva Davia and Carrileufu. Stayed in Cholila for 3 or 4 days then drove to El Bolson, my favorite town, then to San Martin de Los…and Junin de Los…Felt that if I had the chance to return I’d base myself in Junin and fish the Malleo, different sections, and then the Alumine. So many rivers around Junin that can be driven to (accessible) …also liked the dry open terrain of the region and many wade/ walk rivers. The drive along the Limay was spectacular.
    Can’t wait for next post! Good luck in upcoming season.

    • Thanks Bob, Patagonia is a great fishing destination. I was several times in San Martin de los Andes and Junin de los Andes both very picturesque cities, although very different in terms of landscapes. Both the wettest and wooded area and the driest of the Patagonian steppe offer interesting places to fish. I suspect that fishing the region of the town of Aluminé (a little more north of Junin) on the banks of the river of the same name would love you. Rivers like the Pulmarí or the Kilka or the Calfiquitra stream and the Rucachoroi lake … great!
      I write this and my heart beats harder! I really want to go back to those wonderful places!
      I will post more pictures soon
      Greetings and good fishing


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