An alarm light

The Achala stream, which takes the name of this very particular region, is for the local fly fishermen a great “laboratory” where we test and experience all aspects of our art in pursuit of brook trout. It is, therefore, very appreciated by us.
Its management regarding its population of Salvelinus Fontinalis is in charge of the National Parks Administration and its personnel. This has been the case for several years now.
Recurrently during the fishing season, we visited and fished this stream.
In this opening, we have noticed a worrying tendency to decrease the quality and number of fish (do not forget that the regulations here allow the death and carrying of brook trout).
Of course, those of us who practice catch and release are wondering if it is not time for something to change in
the management policy of the resource for sport fishing in Quebrada del Condorito National Park.


Poly Yarn “Ted´s Stones” BH Nymphs

From my tying bench, I share this local version of a very effective nymph, although it is fair to say, only retains the colors of the original model.

Patagonian memories (2), The Malalco and its extraordinary rainbow trout

Here are some photographic memories of the Malalco river and its beautiful rainbows. The Malalco, in the region of Alumine, is a tributary of another extraordinary river, the Quillen. This zone corresponds to the province of Neuquén in the northern Argentine Patagonia, very close to the limits with the country of Chile.
In the third photo, from top to bottom, I´m with Ernesto Mazzola (to my right with a graphite rod), he is a great fly fisherman, excellent fly caster and fly tyer. I remember we were very close fishing together and we had simultaneous bites of those beautiful rainbows of Malalco.
It was an unforgettable trip.

Opening in the Colgado river

Finally, the season opened and we were once again able to enjoy the richness of the Pampa de Achala streams.
This time different circumstances led us to choose the small river “Colgado”, outside the jurisdiction of the National Park “Condorito”.
I have previously posted about this particular place a couple of times before.
The fishing was good, the brookies were concentrated in some particular places of the river and in others…, simply were not there.
Horses and cows cross it in many places, blurring the water a bit and causing disturbance, perhaps being one of the causes of this particular distribution.
It also seems to me that small and hidden springs of cooler and oxygenated water may have to do with it.
Like other times, the Colgado offered us his beautiful Fontinalis.
Thanks to Franco and Gerard for their company, they make me a better fly fisherman every time we go out together.
The fly of the day was (for me at least) a little yellow bead head, without a tail and ribbed with fine silver wire.

Small primitive jewel

Patagonian memories (1), Wading and Fly cast in Aluminé river

As a fly fisherman, I have been lucky enough to make several trips to Patagonia and fish some of its most famous rivers.
I want to share with you some photos rescued from one of my old albums.
I will do it slowly and alternating with the usual post.
Here goes the “first delivery”.

Between seasons

Remembering experiences from the last one and making reflections for the next one, I m preparing new tactics, casts and flies…
The time between fly fishing seasons always have a kind of “charme”, isnt it?

Photo gallery of the end of season in Paso de las Piedras

Brookie on nymph

This is one of the last brookies of the season caught by my son Franco.
The photo is from his authorship, the fly is a “Ted´s Stone” nymph well tyed by our friend Gerard Hoferdt.
The pride is mine!

Just one word